9/30: I’ll say it in the best way you’ve ever heard

(Editing to mention that this is my 200th post on this blog, and my 3 year anniversary here!) 1. Summer is over and so is my time in Albany, NY with NYAPRS. I’m surprised at myself for not posting more (or ever) because it was a very memorable, interesting experience. I’m full-throttle back into school […]

7/29: cats and other sundry

Something clicked, perhaps over the weekend, and my fear and uncertainty over my role here with NYAPRS are dissipating. I’m writing new content for distribution, I’m contributing edits to the self-directed services plan I mentioned before, and I’m finding a voice and speaking up during meetings and conference calls. I feel useful, and informed, and […]

7/1: authors who had sent their books out into the world like ships on the sea

Wow, July? Alright. Well, I leave Thursday night for Milwaukee! Until then, work and reading! As you might already know from the obnoxious activity on my goodreads account (I only just figured out how to limit its posting access on my facebook page – SORRY), living four blocks from the largest library in Albany is […]